Gender Tiercel (Male)
Species Eagle
Race Golden
Location Above Craig's Apartment in Chicago, Illinois

PWOITGSLFSK is an eagle that is constantly circling Craig's house. He first appeared in "I Love it When the Coffee's Done". He hates Craig as they are constantly fighting.


  • According to his Official Twitter (Live Feed), he is a #ninjaeagle.
  • His name (in Wingdings, the way he writes) was revealed in the Wheezy Waiter episode "Noise Pollution", and in the episode "Attention", it was falsely translated as "pwoitgslfsk", the problem being that in Wingdings "pwoitgslfsk" and "PWOITGSLFSK" are different because of capitalization. (Lowercase: pwoitgslfsk, Capital: PWOITGSLFSK)
Wheezy Waiter Eagle Wingdings

PWOITGSLFSK's Signature in Wingdings

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